Archway House offers the best of both worlds – peace and tranquillity in a blissful, countryside setting for those seeking total relaxation, yet also ideally situated if you want a unique and comfortable base from which to explore all the major attractions on offer.

You’ll find the house about midway along a mile-long, peaceful bridleway that runs between the A6075 and the B6030, and a few minutes' walk from the River Maun.

Hidden from view by trees and the lie of the land until you get quite close to it, the sudden sight of a Gothic gatehouse, complete with buttresses, statuary and mullioned windows gleaming in the sunlight is a breathtaking surprise for first-time visitors. It sits majestically astride the historic bridleway that once led from King John’s Palace at Kings Clipstone to the royal hunting grounds in Sherwood Forest, and looking through the arch towards the north the contours of that medieval route can still be seen today.

As you will see from the map, the house can be reached from either end of the bridleway, and is therefore superbly located for walking and cycling (we’re on route 6 of the Sustrans network) along all the major trails around Sherwood Forest, the Thynghowe Trail, Vicar Water and Clipstone Forest. (For the huge range of activities and amenities available at these locations, see Out and About.)



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